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In my role as Project Manager on the Cohen Marketing Team I oversee the full marketing efforts of Cohen's office on W&M's campus. I make print and graphic material for events, send weekly newsletters to the student body, run the social accounts, and delegate tasks to my fellow teammates.
Below, I've divided some of my work into sections. First, a complete branding guide that I put together, encompassing the impact I made in my time at Cohen. This included a project where I was tasked to rebrand all newsletters, as well as create logos for Meet Up events.
I've also included a section to showcase some of the various promotional material I've made for events, both W&M branded and not. At the bottom, you'll see a collection of calendars and miscellaneous branding materials that I've made for Cohen over the last two years.

Branding Guide

Meet Up


Newsletter Re-Branding


Calendars & Other Materials

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