Chasing the glint of a horseshoe in the corner of a dusty hacienda. That’s how Herradura’s story started.
Which proves that luck's not something that just… happens.
It's always right there waiting if we look for it.

Social Media

bar decor
we'll send bars this special herradura motion activated neon light that will flash to let people know they're lucky.

special edition 8 ball bottle
we'll create a bottle cap that doubles as a magic 8 ball, with messages encouraging spontaneity.

herradura luck emporium
In the spirit of the horseshoe of herradura, we'll create a pop up museum full of lucky items from history.

Facade 30.png

the luck ledger
at the museum, people will be able to submit their lucky coins, along with messages manifesting what they're hoping for.


01_T-Shirt Mock-up 2_spread shirt_ front side_new.png